Successful Cases

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Case 1:Pet shop moves from online to offline

Industry: Pet shop
Technology applied: Point of Sales (POS) and CCTV system
Applied areas & benefits:
  • Installed POS system to connect and synchronize the clients information of both retail shop and online store.
  • CCTV system could monitor the security in retail shop.
  • Save manpower, reduce overtime work.

Case 2:Car sales on tables

Industry: Car dealer
Technology applied: Server, wifi network, tablets
Applied areas & benefits:
  • Use tablets and applications for product introduction with more accurate information.
  • Wifi network support wireless printing and email that allows communication with customers and keeps transaction records.
  • The system can instantly update inventory record, provide more accurate information for sales team.
  • Reduce errors, improve operation efficiency, uplift professional image.

Case 3:POS in traditional tire shop

Industry: Tire shop
Technology applied: Retail system (POS) and related equipment
Applied areas & benefits:
  • The system supports directly issuing invoice.
  • It shows sales and inventory information that can help to replenish inventory on time.
  • Reduce errors. Save 70% of invoicing time. Improve inventory shortage.

Case 4:Wine cellar applying IT

Industry: Wine cellar
Technology applied: Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system
Applied areas & benefits:
  • Connect procurement, inventory and accounting functions together.
  • POS links up credit card system and accounting system consolidates and verifies product items.
  • A comprehensive sales record can help understanding the customer preferences for future product cross selling.
  • Improve efficiency, safe time, reduce human errors.

Case 5:Health products counter - From paper record to real-time online input

Industry: Health products
Technology applied: Point of Sales (POS) and Inventory system
Applied areas & benefits:
  • Use of Mobile App to connect staff from different departments and sales staff @shop
  • Real-time input of sales data via mobile, more convenient, reduce input error and prevent data loss
  • Real time check of any shops and staff sales and inventory information and help to improve stock-outs and profit loss
  • From paper record input to online, input reduce manpower and time

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