Vetting Process

All applications will be vetted by a Vetting Committee (VC). The VC members consist of representatives from retail, technology and business sectors, as well as representatives from the Government. The VC will vet the applications in meeting or by circulation on a rolling basis throughout the year. The results will be announced on the website of the ReTAAS: Applicants will be informed by the Secretariat of the results of their applications after the VC has made the decision.

Protection of the project data confidentiality

Applicants are suggested to read the details of the VC member list as shown in the page of the Vetting before submission of their application. Applicants are welcome to contact secretariat for assistance if they need to enquire the company information of the VC members or have any special request on the protection of their projects data confidentiality, please contact our secretariat at 2788 6350 or email to [email protected].

Membership List of the VC

Ms Vivian LIN

Vice Chairman

Mr Victor CHAU

Non-official Members

Mr Calvin CHAN

Mr Daniel CHAN

Mr Joseph HO

Mr Tony KAM

Dr Eric LAU

Ms Helen LEUNG

Mr Gerry MA

Mr Tony PANG

Mr William SHUM

Mr Vincent SO

Dr Allen WONG

Prof Andy WONG

Ex-officio Members

Assistant Director - General (Industries Support) of Trade and Industry or representative

Chief Systems Manager (Industry Facilitation) of OGCIO or representative


Principal Assistant Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development (Commerce and Industry)4 or representative

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