Retail Technology Adoption Assistance Scheme

for Manpower Demand Management

Application Process

Applicants should submit a completed application form including project details, budget, implementation programme etc. for approval. However, only direct expenditures for proposed projects will be approved.

Application Form

Application form provides the standard format to collect all necessary information for further process by the secretariat. Completed Application Form with the required supporting documents, should be sent to the Secretariat by post or in person.

Download Pre-enrolment Form

Download application form

Download Common Technology Solutions

Sample Application Forms

Sample forms for common technology solutions:

Point-of-Sales System (POS)

Download POS Sample


Download eShop Sample

Inventory System

Download Inventory Sample

Guide to Application

The Guide to Application provides a comprehensive guideline to applicants and includes the General Information, Eligibility, Project and Funding Amount, Application and Vetting Procedures, Project Monitoring, Disbursement of Fund, Enquiries and Illustration of Items, Terms and Conditions.

Download Guide to Application

Reminder of the Application Submission

A full set of completed application form together with valid supporting documents and a soft copy as required should be included in applicants’ submission. Any application with incomplete information (such as only soft copy or hard copy) will not be processed until the completed set of documents has been received. The Secretariat possesses the final decision right for any dispute cases, if any.

Application Timeline

Applicants can submit their applications throughout the year. Vetting Committee will vet the applications on a rolling basis throughout the year.

Project Agreement and Accounts

In respect of each approved project, the funded enterprise has to sign or submit the following documents:

Service Providers

A list of potential providers is at

For the avoidance of conflict of interest in engaging service provider(s) /consultant(s) /contractors(s) for implementing the projects, the applicant must not engage service providers /consultants /contractors which their owners, shareholders, management are the owners, shareholders, management or their relatives of the grantee enterprise.

*The above lists do not include all service providers. Applicants can choose any suitable service providers. The use of the above service providers will not guarantee successful application. The Secretariat of ReTAAS has not appointed or endorsed any companies or organizations to provide services in relation to ReTAAS and all applications will be considered by the ReTAAS Vetting Committee based on its own merits.