Retail Technology Adoption Assistance Scheme

for Manpower Demand Management

7 Common FAQs

What type of enterprises are eligible for ReTAAS?

What is the maximum amount of funding available to an enterprise?

What type of projects are eligible for funding?

What are the major vetting criteria?

What documentations are required for application?

How long is the assessment and approval process?

How to apply?

Eligibility for Application

1. What are the requirements for enterprises to apply for the “Retail Technology Adoption Assistance Scheme” (ReTAAS)? Is it only for SMEs? Any limitation on the number of outlets?

2. Should the enterprise in brick-and-mortar shop be eligible for application? Can online shop apply?

3. What documents are required to prove that enterprise is running substantive retail business?

Funding Criteria

4. What are the maximum amount of funding and number of projects?

5. Is there any time requirement for completing the project under ReTAAS?

6. Can enterprise apply for another project before the completion of the current project?

7. Can enterprise apply for ReTAAS and other government funding on the same project?

8. Any example of technology application?

9. What is covered by the subsidy?

Application process and arrangements

10. What are the vetting process and vetting criteria?

11. How long is the assessment and approval process?

12. When can the enterprise receive the subsidy?

13. If the project was rejected, can the enterprise re-apply?